exhibition stéphane lallemand

museum of modern and contempory art of strasbourg

february 3 > april 4 2004


the forbidden fruits

“Since Adam and Eve, women’s breasts have always subjugated the minds and have triggered off or maintained many human behaviours.
This tempting nudity, flat, heavy, aggressive, beaming, collapsed or pointed, expresses for men the beauties and the avatars of the existence, the erotic pleasures but also the fantasized reveries […]
Breasts are as much objects of covetousness for the teenager who dreams than for the old man who remembers […]”
Martin Monestier “The breasts, historical and weird encyclopaedia of busts, breasts, chests, udders and other breasts”, Le Cherche–Midi éditeur, 2001.
[…] Leonardo (da Vinci), who had experienced the sexual repulsion but who couldn’t contest the strength of the senses awaken, has striven himself in order to prove that there was a link between the woman’s genital organs and the breasts, a kind of a providential canalicule that was precisely connecting the clitoris and the nipple, whose ability to erect charmed him. But the absurd sexual attraction of the breast, in opposition with what is “repugnant” in sex, was to be justified.
Lo Duca, Introduction to “Mythology of the breast” by Romi, J.J Pauvert éditeur, 1965

infernals stones

forbidden fruits


salt and albumen prints gold toning 20x26 cm

mount on cardboard 40x50cm

stéphane lallemand
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