exhibition stéphane lallemand

museum of modern and contempory art of strasbourg

february 3 > april 4 2004


The landscapes

The landscapes are real taking of photographs with a large format camera (18x24 cm ).
The negatives that are used are graphic arts half tone film, used in photography. The sensitivity of the films being weak, time exposures of several seconds make time enter into the image, fixing the movements of lively objects.
Some prints on salt paper or on albumen paper are created out of this negative, by following the recipes that are described in the XIXth century’s manuals for photographers.
These images distinguish themselves from the old images only by the very discrete presence of traces that are left by today’s mankind. Traces of tires, plastic bags, traces of chain saw, tags …

The virtual landscapes

The virtual landscape are taking of photographs that are made with the help of a computer, out of virtual landscapes that are created with a software that enables to work in three dimensions and that is used in the realization of the scenery of video games.

series of landscapes


salt and albumen prints gold toning 20x26 cm (more or less)

mount on cardboard 40x50cm

stéphane lallemand
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